Daylily (dividing)


The process of breaking a multifan clump of daylilies into individual plants has to be done in the following cases:

          The plants becomes too big for the garden

          The daylily is producing fewer flowers each season

          You want to sell or exchange a fan of the plant with other daylily lovers

The best time to divide daylilies is shortly after they have finished flowering in late summer or early fall. Prepare the area by raking the mulch away from the plant. Give yourself enough room to work around the clump. It is easiest and most effective to use a garden fork to lift the clump from the ground.  Start by placing the fork in the ground 6 to 12 inches away from the base of the plant. Gently push down on the handle to pry the clump up and out of the soil. Work around the root ball repeating this process until the roots are freed.

                                                 CELEBRATION OF ANGELS

The root ball with soil can be lifted from the hole. Inspection of the clump at this point will generally reveal weak or thin areas at the center of the clump. Plunge two garden forks, placed back to back, into the clump. After the forks are fully inserted, gently push the handles apart. This will cause the roots to separate, forming two smaller clumps.  If you are dealing with a really large clump or want more divisions, you can repeat this process on the divisions you have just made.

Your newly divided daylilies will reward you with extra bloom for years to come.  Most daylily varieties may be left untouched for a period of four or five years before they need to be divided again.